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Maybe you have wondered how we can effectively reach as many people with the gospel as possible. Is it evangelism? In combination with discipleship? Creating a place where people feel at home? The gifts of the Holy Spirit?


Home churches combine all of these aspects and even more. Throughout history there has always been a major blessing on home churches, and guess what? You are destined to start one! 


The Black & White Series gives you highly packed information on different topics that you will come across in your home church


About: Welkom


Our goal is to introduce every heart to the heart of our Father & live a life in true freedom. The Homechurch Initiative is designed to plaftorm this by:

  • Provoking & Equipping saints to start a Spirit filled home church and see their neighbourhood revived

  • Connecting & Refreshing existing home church families

  • Training home church leaders

  • Imparting Faith, Hope & Love unto the body of Christ

Home Churches in the Bible

Did you know the letters of the apostle Paul were send to home churches? Paul was planting new home churches.

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